Patient Testimonials

Circulation Problems

SnapseedMy daughter’s hands and feet remained purple and cold since her birth. Pediatricians said she might have poor circulation because she was a c-section baby, and that she would eventually grow out of it. She was having monthly, routine medical doctor visits because she was an infant. Her dad and I spent time each day massaging her hands and feet to get the color back to normal.

After one adjustment from Dr. Nitzsche her feet were warm! She has been holding her adjustment for 4 months now, and her hands and feet are still warm, which has put her dad and me at ease. The doctor makes her feel comfortable and she has never been upset when being checked or adjusted. Unexpectedly, she has been sleeping better and been less irritable.

No More Numbness

arm“I have suffered with numbness in my right arm and leg and have had digestive problems for 10-12 years. The doctors I saw only gave me prescription drugs for my stomach and said the numbness was due to “getting old” and there was not much they could do for me. After 1 1/2 years of treatment, I gave up on the numbness and spent lots of money on drugs for reflux.

Since seeing Dr. Nitzsche, I can eat certain foods with better results. I can type without as much numbness!! I have more flexibility and can drive longer without numbness in my leg. I also have better digestion and feeling in the right side of the body.

The staff was very professional. They were concerned to help and had the willingness to go the extra ‘mile’.”

Immediate Relief

freeladdysmall“For the past three years, I have had noticeable symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome—intense pain on my right side across shoulders, down into my arm with numbness in my ring and small fingers. While driving I had to turn my whole body to look for traffic versus just my head. I tried occupational therapy, consulted an orthopedic surgeon and went to one hour of physical therapy twice a week for 6 months. The physical therapy relieved the pain and increased some motion, but not completely.

My results, after being treated at OSC were immediate relief and the follow-up checkups help keep me at my optimum level.

Now, my range of motion in my neck is normal and the extreme muscle pain and stiffness on my right side is greatly diminished. I can drive, do routine household & daily life activities and unexpectedly, I am sleeping better.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Nitzsche and NUCCA care, particularly for those who have been frustrated by other treatments or other chiropractic techniques. My background is hospital/clinic administration and I was skeptical, but he has made a believer of me.”


Stronger Immune System and Less Missed School Days!

Allergies“I have suffered from a weakened immune system since I was 12 years old (about 6 years) and have been extremely susceptible to illnesses. I have seen two pulmonologists, two infectious disease doctors, two allergy specialists, been on numerous medications including steroid inhalants, and had nasal surgery when I was 15 years old. None of these had lasting effects. Also, I’ve had IV treatments for my immune system once every month for a year now. I’ve missed about 200 days of school in the past 4 years and we’ve spent thousands of dollars on treatments.

Since being under care, I am now only having one treatment once every three months—I’m not a pin cushion anymore and it feels great!!! I can exercise freely and do the things that a teenager should be able to do—things I wasn’t able to do before NUCCA treatment. Surprisingly, I’m not as tired as I used to be either.

The care I received at the Orlando Spine Center was very personalized. They have helped e to lead the healthy, normal life that I’ve always wanted.”

No More Back Pain

low back pain“When I came to see Dr. Nitzsche, my upper and lower back muscles were so tight that I couldn’t lay flat on the floor—my shoulders were beginning to hunch over. I was also having much pain in my left shoulder. I had suffered from this condition for 20 years and it was progressively getting more painful. I didn’t consider seeing a doctor for it because I didn’t think they could help.

After being under NUCCA care, I am much for flexible in my shoulders and back, and I can stand up straighter. I now have more of a spring in my step!. Unexpectedly, I am more relaxed. I have this sense of well-being…as I get older, I have more hope that my body is not going to deteriorate.

I really like the NUCCA approach—the gentleness of the technique and the x-rays to diagnose and correct the problem. Dr. Nitzsche is very caring and listened to my concerns. The Orlando Spine Center staff are very friendly, helpful and concerned.”

Improved Balance

balance_stones“When I first came to Dr. Nitzsche I had pain and constant shifting of my mid and lower back since about 1960. My sacroiliac frequently went out and I had almost unbearable knee pain from a fall in had in 1990. In fact, I was actively looking for a knee surgeon. Before I came to Orlando Spine Center, I had frequent trips to another chiropractor, arthroscopy, used Nsaids, Tylenol, Advil, ice packs, and water exercises. The chiropractic adjustments only gave me temporary relief. The arthroscopy did help ease my knee pain for about 10 years, but the drugs led me to spend 4 days in the ICU for gastric bleeding.

I am now 70 years old and the time and money I have spend over 50 years is beyond my comprehension! I eventually gave up nursing because of pain and depression. When I first started coming to Orlando Spine Center, I couldn’t believe how gentle the treatment was. It is almost like a “laying on of hands”. I have gotten quick results and met two more wonderful, talented people. They have always made me feel like an honored guest. There is truly no downside to the care.

Now I walk further, do steps, and sleep without knee pain waking me. My back no longer slips and slides, and my balance is much better. I can stay active longer before needing to rest (due to pain) and I am able to take less pain medications. The most outstanding thing though, according to my family, is by better temperament! Less pain, less agitation!.

You owe yourself a true evaluation here. Regain your Life!”

Headaches Gone After 15 Years

Headache“For 15 years I have suffered from headaches, neck pain, hip and lower back pain. I was in an auto accident that broke my neck and left me with a limp.

I received NUCCA chiropractic care when I lived in Oregon, but I didn’t know anyone I could trust locally. I would travel to Oregon for treatments, spending so much vacation time, money and energy traveling back and forth to the chiropractor. Then after sitting for six hours in the plane flying back to Orlando, I needed another treatment. I had to find someone local that could help me.

I found Orlando Spine Center and have regular treatments. Dr. Nitzsche worked to find the source of the problem. Now I am pain free and can enjoy my trips to Oregon. I now have better movement in my head, neck, back and hips. I can walk without limping and can turn my head without headaches!

The staff is friendly and Dr. Nitzsche is always very caring and concerned for his patients. At Orlando Spine Center I am treated very professionally, respectfully and individually. I am VERY picky about who I’ll let treat me, but I trust Dr. Nitzsche. Thank you!”